Watch Out for Automobile (in color) (subtitles)

Detochkin, an insurance agent, with an extremely sensitive feeling of justice is the comedy hero. He hijacks the cars acquired (to his mind) in a dishonest way. The money he gains is transferred to children’s homes. The hero sticks to the mind that thus he helps justice but the lawyers turn out to have quite a different viewpoint…


A very good cop tries to catch a very insidious and extremely clever serial car thief. The bitter irony is that the thief is not very clever, absolutely not insidious, and moreover - a virtuous person and his friend.


The hero of the film is an insurance agent who is also a car thief. He steals cars only from various crooks and never from the good people. Then he sells those stolen cars and gives all the money to charity. His best friend is a cop who is working on this case.

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