Winter evening in Gagry (Ruscico)
Watching one day a television program, a modest coach of a variety dance group, Alexei Ivanovich Beglov, recognized himself in a brilliant, elegant step dancer from old newsreel footage. He got even more surprised when the program’s host sadly remarked that the talented artiste had died in the prime of his life. As Beglov appeared in class the next day, his young colleagues were delighted to see their teacher, as if rediscovering him for themselves. The group’s leader suggested that they include in their program a turn from Beglov’s 1950s repertoire. And Alexei Ivanovich began to train his pupil in the forgotten art. It was not all roses as their relationship developed. But Beglov managed to do the most important thing – pass on the “secrets” of his skill to the present generation of dancers.

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