Yeh Dillagi / The Game of Love

Yeh Dillagi / The Game of Love

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Sapna (Kajol), envies the rich and comfortable lifestyle of the Saigal family, where her dad, Dharampal (Achyut Potdar) is employed as a chauffeur. The Saigal family consists of Bhanupratap Saigal (Saeed Jaffrey); his wife Shanti (Reema Lagoo); elder son Vijay (Akshaye Kumar); and younger son Vikram alias Vicky (Saif Ali Khan). Vijay is an abstainer and runs the Saigal family business, while Vicky is the casanova, smoker, drinker, and womanizer. Vicky's encounters with Sapna force him to change his lifestyle. However, when he tells his parents of his intent to marry the daughter of the family chauffeur, his mom refuses to even consider this. Vijay attempts to clarify this, and himself falls in love with Sapna. Shanti is adamant, even when Sapna returns home as an accomplished model. Vicky is devastated to know that his brother is a rival to his love. Vijay must make sacrifices to fulfill Vicky's life. But is this what Sapna wants?

Summary written by rAjOo

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