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Based on the book by Galina Shcherbakova.
A famous 1980s film with a wonderful music by Alexei Rybnikov tells of a first love that was not understood and appreciated by adults. A story of Romeo and Juliet revisiting our world… The high-school teenagers Roman and Katya experience a beautiful, tender feeling. The boy’s mother, unwilling to understand the young lovers, resorts to deception in order to separate them. Despite all the obstacles, Roma and Katya are striving to be together. The misunderstanding of their feelings leads to a tragedy.
Trivia: In the book and the script’s original version Katya’s name was Julia, yet the censors found it to be an attempt on plagiarizing Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet”.
Following the film’s release, its main theme song “The Last Poem” (to lyrics by Rabindranath Tagore) had become widely popular. The song is still being performed today (in the film “Old Songs of the Main Things-3” it was sung by Valeria).

Awards: All-Union Film Festival in Vilnius – Second Prize to the creative team, 1981
I FF of Children and Youth’s Films in Tomar (Portugal) – Honorary Diploma to actress T. Aksyuta as Best Actress in a Film, 1982
The best film of 1981 as voted by the readers of the Soviet Screen magazine

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